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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 5, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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>> brian: right. and by the way, we're going to be back here tomorrow at the western beach hotel resort right here. yeend. meantime it's about jobs, the overall rate of unemployment dropping which seems to be good news, at second glance, deep ner the data we're finding more americans are simply giving up the hunt for employment. here's the number, 9.7%, down from 10 percent with you a staggering 7 million americans have lost work since the great recession began. sphu art varney -- stuart varney waiting in the wings in a moment. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. martha: good morning, bill, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. there is a political equation as well and the question is what will the obama administration do it, leaving them to scramble for another solution.
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how do you create jobs when what they're doing isn't working? bill: we expect to hear something from the white house. caroline shively, what will we hear this morning? >> reporter: president obama will address the jobs numbers. we expect it this afternoon. he was already planning on meeting with small business owners about proposals he had, that's going to be in maryland. that's what we'll -- when he'll talk about it. the white house is parsing these numbers, they'll talking two different numbers. the headline was great, they guat it -- they thought it would go to 10.1, it dropped to 9.7 but the survey shows the u.s. has shed more jobs, they're revising numbers, saying more are unemployed than they thought. the white house is analyzing t. you'll hear from the president this afternoon. bill the other thing this morning, caroline, the president wants to expand lending programs with small businesses. what is that proposal? >> sure, this is brand new, out this morning, he's saying small businesses still can't get the money out of banks they need so he
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wants the small business administration to make changes. there are two changes he'll be talking about, one, increase support for commercial real estate loans, and two, you know those sba express loans, they're now tapped out at $350,000, he wants those to go up to $1 million. but congress has to pass all this, so he has to do some selling to congress to get this through. that's on top of -- top of all of the other jobs programs that he's been talking of, including tax breaks, including different things he wants to do. primary focus though across the board is on small businesses, not so much large businesses. bill: thank you for that caroline. we'll be in touch and will go through that information throughout the day. caroline shively on the north lawn. here's martha with more. martha: this is the big, big story this morning and where are the jobs is the question in america today and how does this employment rate compare with other months. here's a look, you can see it gradually heading up. but is this necessarily a good thing? here to digest the numbers is stuart varney, fox business network and anchor of varney & company.
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good morning to you. everyone breathes a sigh of relief when you see a number that starts with nine instead of a number that starts with ten. there's got to be some element of good news to that. but give us a little of your handle of the sort of background here. >> let's deal with this 9.7% unemployment rate. it did indeed come back from 10 percent. on the surface that looks like good news. it is in fact a statistical anomaly. the labor department found about a half million jobs that had not been counted before. when you put them into the mix now, the rate goes down, to 9.7%. underlying that is more negative news, which is that we continue to lose jobs. in january, 20,000 jobs were lost, and we've revised the number of jobs lost from the start of the recession in december of three '07, it now stands at 8.4 million jobs lost, and the bottom line here is, martha, we're not yet started to create new jobs. martha: all right, you just said something that was very interesting, stuart, the
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labor department found a half a million jobs that they didn't count last time? >> it's a statistical anomaly. labor department statistics are notoriously slow to catch up with reality, so to speak. there's lots of revisions going month after month after month. this is one of them. roughly a half million jobs, kind of not counted previously, counted now, rate comes down. martha: another question for you. bill and i were talking about this before the show got started, when people decide they're not going to look for work anymore, who are these people? are they people who were about to retire anyway and maybe got laid off and they say you know what, what i've got in there is what i've got in there and i'll make it stretch? >> it's a whole mix of people. you're right in saying older workers when they lose their job quit looking for a new one because they're older, they live on the nest egg, they're truly discouraged. there's also a lot of workers who can't move to a new job, maybe got a house with a mortgage, they're
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underwater, they can't sell the house, they can't move to another city as they could in prosperous times to times to get a job. they are classified as discouraged. this is a very large chunk of the american labor force now, and here's the question, martha, when those people come back into the labor force, start looking again, they will be counted as unemployed, and you risk the rate going back up above 10 percent. martha: all right, well, we'll see what the white house's reaction is to all of this and we'll get wall street's reaction soon as well. and you look at futures, stuart? >> yes, very lightly higher but remember that comes after a huge drop yesterday. >> martha: stuart varney, thank you very much. bill billion on that border line of 10,000, huh, just a bit higher. and talking about another stimulus, son of stim, stim-2, a fox opinion poll finding most americans we talked to want no part of that, two-thirds, 65 percent saying another stimulus is not the way to create jobs.
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martha: well, the market took quite a hit yesterday. in fact it was the biggest one-day drop that we've seen in what has been a fairly decent seven-month period for the dow jones industrial average. the dow was down more than 2 1/2% in yesterday's trading, even got to below that 10,000 mark, that we've been able to keep our chin above for some time right now. we're going to have reaction to the market this morning, we'll see what investors think about this jobs number, and we'll bring you that as soon as we hear that ding ding ding. bill: okay, there is another sector of the economy that's hiring up a storm these days, this is -- that is uncle sam, the federal government expected to balloon in levels not seen in years. according to some numbers from our brain room, our research branch here, as of this december, there were more than 2.8 million federal employees. that comes to about one federal worker for every 35 employees in the private sector. and the white house is seeking a 1.4% pay raise for the government work force.
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james rosen, live in d.c. on this this morning. so the size of the federal government that held pretty -- had held pretty steady until recently. >> reporter: for most of the time it was true and president clinton at least had his heart in it when he famously declared in 1995 the big era of government is over, even if his prophecy didn't turn out to be true. let's look at some of the numbers, in 1993, mr. clinton's first year in the over ail office, the federal government employed 2.3 million people, that figure as you can see on your screen shrank for every year of president clinton's term except the last when there was a slight uptick. under george w. bush the trend was in the other direction and this is the core of some conservatives' beef with george w. bush, except for a minor drop between 2003 and 2004, the number of federal employees grew steadily every year of the bush 43 presidency. under president obama that
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trend continues, the government topped 2 million employees, again, for the first time since 1996, the latest figured -- figures released half an hour ago though in january this year alone the federal government added 33,000 jobs, including 9000 temporary positions for this year's census drive. that is projected to grow again this year to, again, somewhere over 2 million employees. bill: it's not just the new hiring that the government does that's driving up the federal government payrolls, right, there's something else going on in your town, james. >> reporter: there is. a major part of this is the trend we have, as fox news uncovered and that is something called in sourcing when the government replaces contractors with civilian employees, the defense department under mandates by the president of the united states and omb is using this practice aggressively. the pentagon is on track to reduce the number of support service contractors from 39 percent of its work force in 2009 to 26 percent of its
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work force, the lowest level in nearly a decade, and through 2011, the defense department will authorize the hiring of nearly 20,000 civil serve apartments as part of the obama administration in sourcing anywhere twitch. -- initiative. bill: thank you, jaips rosen -- james rosen. for more information on where the jobs are or are not, click on, check out the interactive job hunt map, all across the country, we'll let you know what's going on in your state. thanks. martha: a development from overseas now, special forces storming a ship that was hijacked by somali pirates and they freed the 25 crew members who were on board. details are still coming into the newsroom as we speak. but here's what we know now, the european union's navy says that danish special forces recaptured a ship after getting a distress call from the ann togethera and barbados flag, they were part of a convoy within
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striking distance of the attack. we understand that some of the pirates may be hiding aboard this ship, while others escaped by jumping overboard. what a scene that must have been. we'll bring you more details as we get them. bill: they don't always get away, apparently in this case, they did not, either. in a moment, a story you'll hear first in "america's newsroom", what happens when a tween, just 11 years old, gives birth to a baby? it's a story shocking on many levels and dr. manny has the story that will leave people talking for days. martha: we'll have that in a few minutes from now. you'd better stock up, folks, for the winter storm that is packing a punch through the mid atlantic section of our country, and you're going to need lots of stuff for sunday's game so get it now, the super bowl blizzard will hit parts of the eastern u.s., bad news for folks who were hoping that spring was in the offering here. bill: wishful thinking. >> i hate snow no matter
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martha: all righty, forget here comes old man winter in a big way, a major winter storm, kind of creeping up north, across the eastern part of our country there. it looks like the mid atlantic is going to get pounded. that's where we live! that's where we are pretty much, a little south of new york city, up to 2 feet of snow, we're told, will bury some areas stretching from washington, d.c. to philadelphia. they've got blizzard warnings that are already up in parts of new jersey and delaware and conditions look great for power outages and all kinds of fun, ice-covered trees, freezing rain, doesn't that sound like a good mix? further south, heavy rain is expected in coastal virginia and carolinas, lots of plans that were set up for this weekend may be impacted by this storm.
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we're going to bring you the latest weather and travel updates as well. if you're traveling, stay tuned for that. bill: that's a big storm. >> our agenda is not about politics but partnership. we have a jobs agenda about putting people back to work. our motivation is to help americans sleep a little better. bill: that was senate majority leader harry reid, talking about the political priority right now and we're learning the unemployment rate is not all good news, we're learning 8.4 million jobs have been lost since the recession began, 1.3 million over the previously estimate. that might explain the latest verse in the senate to pass a jobs bill but not sure what's in the bill or how it will be paid for. william mcguren of the "wall street journal," good morning to you. >> thank you. bill: welcome to "america's newsroom". if you're the president today, you're going to come out and address the american
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people, how do you spin this news, how do you make people feel good? >> i think that's the danger. look, the president has to talk positively about the economy but the danger on the jobs report is when there's good newses heralded as an indication of your policies which of course leaves you vulnerable when the numbers are revised or bad news in any given month, there's a real temptation there, and you see it -- they've begun spinning this already. we saw it last month when president obama gave a big speech on the second stimulus, which is now called the jobs bill. i mean, he didn't use the word stimulus. so we're seeing the spin already. bill: we're looking at trying to -- how do you figure out how to make any jobs plan effective? if do you not have consumer demand, if you look at all the data now, are americans buying yet and if they're not buying, where do you get the motivation or incentive? >> i think it's a bigger problem, you had a story before about the stimulus, americans are very skeptical, so to me, the question is are jobs
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something that can be legislated from washington. and i think so far, what we're just seeing is that they're changing the name, they're not going to call this stimulus spending anymore because people don't like it, they're going to call it the jobs bill. they may break it up so it's not a big blob of money, but we kind of have the same old policies, and senator reid's conference yesterday was kind of like a game show. you are supposed to take what's behind curtain number one and we don't know what's there. bill: i guess more to the point, part of the jobs plan would give you, if you owned a company, you'd get a tax credit if you hire a new employee, but if you're an owner of that company and your business is not growing like we have seen tile and again, where, then, is your incentive to hire a new employee and get the tax cut in the first place? >> exactly. if it's a one-time tax credit and you get a couple thousand dollars and then are worried about getting hit with a couple thousand dollars in recurring costs with health care, these
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things wash out and they're temporary. we don't know what's in the bill, they talk about the credits, using t.a.r.p. money for credits, and so forth, which i think is outrageous, because when t.a.r.p. was passed, it was supposed to be a short-term thing that's paid back, because they're going to -- >> bill: but you well know the political equation, if you're a democrat in the house and senate, you want to be talking jobs now. >> right. bill: you've heard that message loud and clear across the country, though. >> right, but you want to be talking about jobs but more important, you want to help create jobs. look, a year ago, we were told --o told we needed this $800 billion stimulus to keep unemployment below 8 percent, now we're celebrating -- celebrating it's down to 9.7%. we have to analyze whether the policies are creating it. at the end of the day, it's the businesses that are actually creating this. is this money going to go to state projects and state workers and so forth, or are we really going to get off the backs of small businesses and so forth and
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let them create. bill: we will find out later today when we hear from the white house. bill mcguren, thank you. have a good friday. martha. martha: here's a question for you on this friday morning, what in the world is going on under the surface of our planet, yet another earthquake has been reported. this one is off the west coast of the united states. we're going to tell you exactly where it hit, and what scientists think it may mean. bill: also we've heard from the head of toyota, coming out forward, after flying under the radar for days about this massive recall. is that recall list about to get bigger today? in three minutes.
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♪ bill: new this
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morning, an earthquake off the northern coast of california, it struck 35 miles northwest of petrolia, magnitude 5.9, a stronger quake hit the same area a month ago. scientists are looking into whether or not yesterday's quake was an aftershock. folks living in the area say they could feel the ground moving but it was not nearly as violent from the one a month ago. if you're looking for a silver lining, that's it. martha: here is the very latest this. is the newest development on a story that keeps changing every day, the man accused of trying to blow up an airplane as it was head to go detroit on christmas day, fox news has obtained videotape of a teacher who taught islamic studies at a seminar that was attended by this young man, the mainstream media has portrayed this teacher as a quote moderate but when you listen to the tape you may feel differently about it. david lee miller, what do
9:24 am
you know about this teacher who instructed this accused underwear bomber? >> reporter: you know martha this could be a classic case of a wolf in sheep's clothing, shortly after umar farouk abdulmutallab was arrested he attended a 10-day seminar called islamic status. one of the instructor was seayar kati. kati the nuts and bolts of the religion. he said it's ironic that abdulmutallab came to us, at some level we did not convince him of the validity of our views and that is cause for regret. it now appears there is another side to the religious instructor, a group called the investigative project on terrorism has discovered a tape of quatri espousing virtues of islamic law and denouncing western courts
9:25 am
and democracy. >> no supreme court, no system of government, no democracy where they vote. can you believe it, a group of people coming together and voting and the majority vote will then be the law of the land. what gives you the right to prohibit something around somebody? who gave you this right? are you creators, are you all knowledgable? >> reporter: some terrorism experts say that qati's message to ignore all laws butoos limoo but islam is some of extremists calling for holy war against the west. the affiliation with the underwear bomber we cont know and he has not returned phone calls. martha: what else do we know about qati? >> the same we're he instructed the accused bomber he was invited to d.c. by the national counterterrorism center for a symposium, though we are
9:26 am
told he did not speak, but what's noteworthy was then head of homeland security michael chertoff and in a prepared statement the center said participation in the sessions represent a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints but they would not speculate as to whether or not he would ever be invited back in the future. martha? martha: a wide variety indeed. david lee miller, thank you very much. bill: 26 minutes past the hour. next a story you'll hear only on "america's newsroom", an 11-year-old has given birth and our fox news medical aid team is on that story, along with the support needed there. and there's this. >> well and faithfully discharge the office upon which you're about po enter, so help you god? congratulations, senator. [applause] martha: that's right, president joe biden swearing in scott brown yesterday,
9:27 am
republican scott brown already sounding off on the president's proposed spending bill. this is something he talked about quite a bit in his campaign. what he had to say about the president's idea, next.
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bill: it's about 9:30 in new york, back to america's top priority right now, the u.s. economic picture. it dropped below 10 percent. that's the jobs number, to 9.7%. part of the reason for the surprise drop was actually because the number of people who simply gave up looking for work, when those discouraged job seekers are taken out of the official equation it leads to a drop in the number and last month a number of the discouraged job seekers rose to 1.1 million, up from 734,000 a year ago, and the labor department also saying the so-called great recession claimed 8.4 million jobs, about 1.3 million more than initially thought. man, that is just staggering. these new numbers, certainly the main focus at the joint
9:31 am
economic committee hearing, that is not too crowded at the moment. it's kicking off on the hill. we'll show you that inside the hearing room throughout the day so you can reach any conclusions. martha: then there is this for you, house representatives approving an increase in the u.s. debt limit. this is like raising the absolute ceiling on your credit card, okay, of the whole country, and it's now a whopping 14.29, that is the absolute last dollar you're allowed to spend as the u.s. government, 14.29. take a look at this this, is the national debt clock, it's run by a privately owned site, the numbers, you can't see them because they're pretty scary. there we go, $12.3 trillion is where the debt stands now. that doesn't leave us a whole lot of room, up to 14.29. i bet we can get there quickly. per person, you owe $40,076. bill: you want it to --
9:32 am
could you write the check for it now and say don't raise any questions -- my taxes ever again. bill: i'm 20 grand in the hole. doing great. good luck with that. martha: thank you very much! bill: sorry. martha: the head of toyota coming forward for the first time, the automaker issued a massive recall, the ceo, akia toyoda apologizing, outlining the errors, and there's word that the recall list could get bigger. there are reports the big star car for toyota, the prius, could also be added to this recall. also what it's like at toyota dealers around the country now. that's got to be a difficult situation, where people are heading for repairs probably all day long. we have a live report coming up for you in "america's newsroom" in the next hour. bill: you have to replace parts, which they're still waiting for them i hear. has toyota's problems convinced you it's time to buy american? that's intriguing, take our
9:33 am
unscientific survey and see what other people are saying about that online now. martha: it is official, some have called this man the new darling of the republican party and he's now been sworn in. take a look. >> well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you're about to enter, so help you god? >> i do. >> congratulations, senator. [applause] martha: that is not a moment that many folks expected to see a short couple months ago, folks, and scott brown was probably the first among those but he is now sworn in as senator in what was ted kennedy's seat from the great state of massachusetts, he addressed reporters after that ceremony, saying that the impending jobs bill is going to be one of his top priorities. >> the president this week submitted a $3.8 trillion budget, and as you know we'll have to borrow almost 40 percent of that because we don't have the money to pay for all the spending, and i am concerned that
9:34 am
we're living beyond our means, and i'm hopeful we can work together to try to come up with a strong and responsible budget. martha: all right, he is a fiscal conservative. that was one of the main things he ran on. we'll see how he does now that he's got an office to take action from, president obama preparing to meet with the junior senator face to face. the white house says it's a matter of coordinating officials and maybe scott brown will get his wish and play a little basketball. bill: talk about living beyond your means a. nail on the head there. two bombs exposed in pakistan, the attacks killing 22, injuring more than 50, that's when the largest city in pakistan, police saying the first blast, attached to a motorcycle, hitting a bus as it took muslim worshipers to a religious event. most of the victims were women and children, the second blast blew up outside a hospital treating victims from the first attack. today's terror, coming two days after three u.s. soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack in pakistan outside of --
9:35 am
outside of a girl's school, highlighting american military's growing role in that country. want to bring you lieutenant colonel oliver north, fox news analyst and host of war stories. good morning to you. >> good morning. bill: what are the americans doing or others doing in northern pakistan at the time they were hit? >> we have u.s. special forces there training pakistani counterinsurgency forces, that girls' school that they were about to cut the blue ribbon on was part of an effort to separate the local populous from the taliban leadership in the very powerful hitani network, which has basically ruled out there since 2002. you know bill, these are very high risk activities but they're absolutely essential in a counterinsurgency and they're becoming increasingly successful. those bombings like today, aipped at the population by the taliban and their supporters and al-qaeda, those are the kinds of things that show the kind of desperation that they're experiencing. bill: through this -- but
9:36 am
this bombing here, it has to result in inside intelligence. >> it probably is and that should not be unexpect an area that's been under the control of the taliban since 2002. it didn't have to come from the pakistani military as some have speculated. think about this, information from taliban supporters in that area have been outraged that the pakistani government with the help of the united states and those special forces guys have been building a girls' school. girls are not supposed to be educated under the taliban. that's what this is all about. bill: stanley mcchrystal, who is running the show in afghanistan now, said something very interesting yesterday. after months of saying that the situation was getting worse in afghanistan, he's changing his tune slightly, saying that it's not getting as worse as it was, meaning that it's leveled off. he didn't say it was getting better, he said it's not going the same direction as it was before. why a reversal, colonel? >> i think we are winning. i'll go further than general
9:37 am
mcchrystal at the risk of offending a guy i expect to see in a few months over there. look, the surge is already working, it showed we are committed to a victory over there, not for us but for them. it's working, even though less than one third of the troops are there that are going to be there and it's -- excuse me, it's about to take place in kandahar and helmand in the southern part of the country to disrupt the opennum harvest which is coming up. marja, which has been in the news is in the top two areas for opennum in the world. there are warnings that noncombatants to get out of the way, to separate the taliban from supporters. i would expect a very big fight shortly after the next contingent of marines arrives out there in the next few weeks, and certainly when the weather gets warmer. bill: i'm confused. i hear what mcchrystal is saying, i understand your explanation, but steny -- but blair -- dennis blair is
9:38 am
talking about the taliban and are saying they're destabilized. i'm trying to figure out the truth in this. >> they are increasingly dangerous because the desperation leads them to recruit continuously. suicide bombers do things like what happened in karachi and what happened the other day with that convoy to open that girls' school. those are suicide bombs, this is not an attack in which the people that perpetrate it expect to live. they intend to die. that is a sign of desperation and one of the few ways they have of disrupting what's going on. bill: colonel, thank you for that, oliver north has been on the ground many times, good to have you in today. if you want to e-mail me about something in the news that isn't quite clear, i only need one line with a question mark, bya, because you asked. martha: we have been telling you all morning about the story you will hear first on "america's newsroom". what happens when an 11-year-old girl becomes a mom?
9:39 am
dr. manny is here to tell us this shocking story and to answer just some of the questions that all of this raises right after the break. bill: also in a moment, martha, two days from the super bowl and everybody is talking about one commercial, something that i got to think in "america's newsroom", why is it such a big deal and who's seen it, anyway? a fair and balanced debate on that this morning.
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bill: news from north korea, saying it will free an american missionary detained over christmas. rights activists say that robert park, slipping across the border carrying letters, calling on north korean leader kim jung-il to close the country's brutal prison catches and to step down from power, the arizona money reporting he's repentant. no word on when park will be
9:43 am
released. that's new from north korea today. martha: all right, here's the stunning story that we've been talking about this morning. it is breaking news and you will hear it only here first on "america's newsroom", shocking news out of a hospital in the northeast where an 11-year-old girl has given birth to a healthy 5-pound baby girl. now, this news, of course, raises so many questions, so many things go through your mind when you hearing something like this. to answer some of them, i'm joined by dr. manny alvarez who broke this story for us and also psychiatrist keith adlow who joins us from boston. dr. manny, your heart sinks. when i heard this story, my heart literally sunk into a pit and you immediately picture your own children. i have three children in this age range and i think to myself, my god, what if one of them came to me with this. you can't wrap your brain around an 11-year-old girl,
9:44 am
ten years old at the time she got pregnant. you know, clear up for everybody, because this was the first thing that came to my mind, and i want to say we're not disclosing about any -- about this family, the hospital, this family has obviously gone through a lot. talk about how this is handled and is it an abuse situation, is something i want to rule out right away. >> we don't have all the details of the case, but this was a pregnancy that very early on the family sought out medical help, which is one of the fundamental issues when you have a teen preparing nans they. this is not a teen pregnancy, it was a preteen pregnancy, so it was very wise for the family to seek out medical help, which they did. this is one of the most challenging types of pregnancies because at ten, 11 -- a ten, 11-year-old body has very limited capacities to really develop a full-term pregnancy, and
9:45 am
there's really no data. there are a handful of cases that perhaps have been reported. we did one last week on a girl from china who was nine. martha: unbelievable. >> so the challenges for the high-risk teen is enormous. yes you have the social issues have have to be cleared out but then you have medical complications and if you look at some of the data for teen pregnancies, 15, 16, 17-year-olds, you have a 6-fold increase in things like high blood pressure and bleeding and small-sized baby that is get delivered, in other words, premature babies, liver complications. i mean, so the panoply of different medical complications are huge. so the doctors have to be a step ahead if you will in trying to monitor these things and ultimately get this little girl to have a healthy delivery. martha: she's a child delivering a child essentially. >> that is correct. martha: talk to me about this was a c-section
9:46 am
delivery and i just want to -- there was a boyfriend involved in this particular situation, we believe, right? >> right. martha: talk to me about how this is possible. this is a couple years younger than most girls are even able to become preparing thant. -- pregnant. are we seeing a siz logical change in young girls that they're getting their period early sner. >> that's for sure. the maturity of a lot of adolescent girls is really moving a little bit earlier. typically, a menstrual cycle will develop in a young girl at perhaps the age of 11, 12, now we're seeing it as early as eight. so once that starts, basically your body is ovulating and yes, if you have intercourse at the age of nine or ten, theoretically you can get pregnant, but the issues are that, you know, the complications are enormous when you look at this. martha: we have one picture that we do want to show you, the picture of the little
9:47 am
baby, it's a girl and she is beautiful. a beautiful, healthy child, and that is the part of the story that we're grateful for, but dr. adlow, let me bring you in, because there's another child in this story, the child that became pregnant, unfathomable to any parent who hears this story, and there was a psychologist with her throughout this procedure, and the family services people, also, because this is the other child who needs to be taken care of in this story, right >> absolutely. there's no question, martha. this is heart wrenching, because you do have a kid whose mental capacities can't possibly wrap themselves around what it means to be a mother here. there are so many psychological mine fields in store for her. you have feelings of guilt, feelings of wanting to nurture another human being and yet this is all very, very complex and intense when she looks to her own family, essentially, to support and if you will,
9:48 am
father her child. she's dependent and yet she has a dependent human being on her, she has her own life plan and yet, there's another life that should take precedence. so this is absolutely a psychological mine field. you'd want her and this little girl to get help as soon as she can make sense of getting help as well psychologically. martha: the three stages of this that are so hard to sort of wrap your mind around, sex, for a child, at this age, hard to imagine, birth, going through, most of us have a hard time dealing with that concept as fully grown adults, and also what happens now, you know? i mean, what happens now? how does she put this in any kind of perspective and hope to live a somewhat normal life? >> well, look, with the most supportive of families and the best of psychological care, you'd hope she would say of this that it wasn't anything planned, but that as a family, we're going to make the best of this.
9:49 am
you have a responsibility that you can't have possibly understood to this little girl, whom you will love, but you have to love yourself, too, and that means that we're going to protect you in the future, there are also going to be feelings here of why wasn't i protected, and these might not come up until she's 22 in a psychiatrist' office like mine, why wasn't i protected. -- also culturally, this is a moment we've got to take notice of these girls, they are sexually mature at an earlier age and we have to try to safeguard what we've all built together in terms of giving young girls and women the time. martha: dr. ablow, in ten seconds if you can for me would you advise this family to, as this baby grows up to say you're one of ours and to not mention the fact that this child is actually the mother? because that's what happens in a lot of these situations. is that a good way to go for this family? >> i don't think so. i think buried truths come back to haunt people and
9:50 am
they get stronger and stronger. i'm a big fan of the truth. martha: dr. ablow, thank you very much and dr. manny alvarez, thank you for bringing this story which i know is going to get a lot of people thinking about what's going on in a lot of ways. we wish this family, of course, all the best in dealing with t thank you. thanks dr. manny. you can go to to learn more about this story and also about the dangers that are present in a child having a child at this very young age. there's also a situation in china as dr. manny mentions which is very similar, and another thing that you can sort of think about with all of this. bill: beautiful baby. beautiful. ten minutes before the hour. we are awaiting old man winter to hit us hard. several states about to get slammed by that major winter storm that pretty much covers half the country. back in a moment on that with janice dean and a whole lot more. e e e e e e e e e e e
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
bill: we are watching at our extreme weather center a major storm headed east and it's going to spell a lot of trouble, too, snow, sleet, and freezing rain, baby, we got it all! folks in washington getting ready for up to 2 feet of snow down there and brian wilson is taking the easy way out, he's indoors! where are you, brian? >> reporter: i'm at a safeway store in d.c., and in d.c., even if you get a quarter inch of snow forecast, people go a little crazy. we're talking about maybe 2 feet of snow. so the safeway here, this is the check out area, the lines go back through the aisles, all the way to the back of the store. thirty, 40 baskets deep, every aisle. it's just crazy. take a look at this, though, this is what you got to have, you got to have your
9:55 am
toilet paper, this is a hot item, of course, for some reason, people come to the grocery store, they got to make sure to have toilet paper but here's the other hot item, chips. who knew that first of all you could get natural cheatoes, but the second thing you need to know, people are not only shop fog survival goods, they're also shopping because they probably won't get to the grocery store before the super bowl starts. so a double whammy on all of these grocery stores. the snow is expected to start here in maybe another 20, 30 minutes and it's supposed to go until 10:00 p.m. saturday night and before it's all over with, 24 inches. so people are panicking, not only food and groceries, you can't find gasoline in some places in the washington d.c. area, people topped off their tanks last night. i had to go to three different gas stations to fill up my tank. bill: we've done our best to scare the daylights out of everybody. natural cheatoes, i don't think they turn your teeth orange, brian! >> there you go. martha: natural cheatoes. that's an oxymoron if i ever
9:56 am
heard one. bill: thank you brian, good luck, and martha, you did a good job of scaring me yesterday, so i changed my travel plans. i never believe that hype! martha: i don't either. look, it's february. it's february! we're not going to get a foot of snow. it happens. that's what you buy boots for. that's what boots are for, okay? bill: that's nice. good luck. martha: the other big story of the day is the unemployment rate in january and that slipped below double digits so the number looks better, 9.7% of america's work force could not find a job last month. it's an impressive drop. economists, you know how they are, they say on the one hand this, on the other, that. so some aren't popping the champagne yet. what the numbers really tell us about what's going on out there, and we'll take a look at that.
9:57 am
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10:00 am
and not looking for work anymore. and, they are discouraged about what is going on out there. and, that is now at 1.1 million. people say they are discourage and not looking any more from 734,000 a year ago total jobs lost in the recession, 8.4 million people. bill: what a -- and that is -- if you are one of them out there, we get your e-mails about the way you are struggling and trying to make ends meeting, and you are looking for light at the end of the tunnel and some days you see it and some you don't and today is one of those days we're trying to figure out where is it? martha: welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer, new unemployment numbers coming out as the president heads to maryland to talk about jobs and help for small businesses. martha: peter barnes joins us from the fox business network, lower unemployment rate and the number is lower. is that a sign that in some ways, things are getting a little bit better? >> reporter: martha, the better numbers to look at, i think, is how many jobs did companies in
10:01 am
january cut, and they cut 20,000 positions which was about what analysts expected. and it was basically flat. that compares to the losses we saw a year ago, of 600,000 to 700,000 jobs cut. a month. and the trend is definitely better, and suggests the economic recovery is still under way, and, in fact, jobs in manufacturing rose 11,000 last month and we haven't seen that in two years and we look at the number of temporary jobs and that was up 52,000 in this -- this past january and companies will hire temps, before they create full-time positions, we have seen some nice, nice growth in temps and that suggests full-time jobs are coming. martha: an interesting point, when you hire temps you don't have to pay benefits and not into taking care of them with the benefits packages and that may be a good sign and peter, people look at the service of this and say, wait, the unemployment number came down and the economy lost jobs, how does that work?
10:02 am
>> reporter: you have two different things going on here, a payroll survey of companies, and the -20,000 and the labor department polls households and calls them and says are you working or not and that is what determines the unemployment rate and we saw it go from 10% in december to 9.7% but in january the labor department, does this enormous complex statistical revision of its data. and, frankly, that is what helped drive the unemployment rate down and the readjustment, revision of data that they call it benchmarking actually found about a half a million people with jobs that they said they didn't know had jobs, last year and so, that helped drive it down to 9.7%. martha: little mistake in the math is part of the reason for the numbers we are seeing here and they are now saying the recession was worse than we thought. you know, many people feel like we're still in it. what are we supposed 0 do with that news -- to do with that
10:03 am
news. >> reporter: because of the revision they go back and look at all of the numbers an models and the math and the formulas and the mathematics for the last year and it turns out as you mentioned, the economy lost 8.-- so far in this recession, the economy payrolls, companies have cut 8.4 million jobs as you mentioned in the opening, previously the labor department had estimated that at 7.2 million. so, we -- the recession was much deeper and much tougher, than previously estimated. and that is the news today as well mark peter barn-- martha: peter barnes, thank you. bill: i'm looking for good news, glass half full, please. martha: the glass is half full. bill: thank you, we've heard of the possibility of a double dip recession and the grim view reflected in the fox news opinions dynamic poll and 31% of people think the economy is getting better and 56% say the worst is yet to come. a big shift since last august when it was nearly even.
10:04 am
cheryl cassone from the fox business network, you look at the consumers and their minds are not changing, are they. >> look at the data peter barnes gave you out of washington. discouraged workers and that was the key thing to the jobs report this morning. that that lapse of 1.1 million folks and folks are discouraged and there are landmines ahead for the economy. we do not need to be careful at this point, to say that landmines ahead, a particular look at housing. those folks that are leaving the work, not even looking for work anymore, what are they doing with the homes they got those great deals on two years ago? they are letting them go into foreclosure and banks are telling us -- >> if that is the case, then, you know, real estate is really the foundation of all of this, now, and that has been trailing two years now. when they mention the possibility of a double-dip recession, do you study the real estate market? figure out the clues, to say, yes, or no, it will not happen. >> reporter: absolutely, you have to look at the job market which peter looked at and you have to look at this healthy
10:05 am
market and look at the polling, what are americans saying about how they feel and the fox news poll illustrates that, they are nervous about what is happening and the spending in washington and yes, unemployment rate went down and that is -- that is probably going to go back higher, up in february, and we will probably have overall for 2010, unemployment that will sit at 10%. or higher. so, you add these two things together, plus a very nervous stock market, which we are seeing today, remember the numbers have gone down, already, we had the big loss yesterday and looking at another potential loss today and that factors into the psychology and that can add to the possibility of a double dip recession. we're not out of woods and we have to be careful not to start staying, bill i know you want to be positive... but i can't be on this one, i'm sorry. bill: you have to be honest, right? cheryl, thank you. from the fox business network. talking about that polling, by the way, would passing another stimulus plan help create jobs? what do you think it turned out to be? 2/3, 65%, say no. according to the polling we have
10:06 am
here, cheryl, thank you for that. martha: and until we have some sort of new manufacturing business in this country that will drive new jobs, drive new exports, you know, we'll need something like that. bill: you are right about that. martha: and you know, here's another stunning bit of news for you, bill, the global downturn hitting europe. very hard. in portugal that are worries of growing debt threatening a political crisis there. lawmakers will vote today on a finance law that would provide more funding for parts of their nation and would also add to the budget deficit. sound familiar? at a time when investors are worried about portugal's ability to pay back the debt. sounds familiar, too. a vote to pass the bill would also be a big defeat for the socialist government trying to maintain power there. a similar scenario, you know, in terms of... bill: portugal, all over europe, too. martha: and whether or not you can afford to keep... bill: it is dragging us down and a quick note from iraq. not a good one, either. police say a car bomb targeting
10:07 am
shiite pilgrims killed more than 30 people, at least 60 others injured in karbala, annually they do this religious march, and the latest in a string as thousands some to karbala, not good news there today. martha: new troubles for the toyota car company. the japanese car maker considering another recall, the new concerns are over the braking systems of the 2010 model prius hybrid. toyota's flagship green car. and now an investigation into the brakes of the up sca scascale lexus hybrid and toyota is just getting started, really on fixing that major problem, jamie with their gas pedals and tell us what these new problems are about. jamie: martha, good morning, you and bill are looking for good news and i guess the good news for some toyota owners is that dealers are getting the parts
10:08 am
they need to make the fix, and many of them are staying open 24/7, to get it done. toyota built its reputation on reliability. but this has been a huge issue for them, and now, word that a new car might be affected. the prius. and let me tell you, first and let's recap, for owners, the toyotas that were recalled, i want to put up a full screen so people know, if you have these cars you do need a fix. a different problem than the prius. an ac accelerator that may stick and floor mats connected to reports of injuries, even deaths. toyota taking that matter very seriously, and halting sales of 8 million cars, until they can get the problem under control. now, martha, as you said, 270,000 priuses, one of their premier green cars, a hybrid, taking a look at that for a different problem, brakes that some customers reported had momentary lapses in braking
10:09 am
capability, particularly on slippery roads and potholes and although, they are taking a look at it, there is not a recall yet on the prius, but they are investigating, as is congress, who wants to know why so many of these cars are having these issues, and get customers the information they need to stay safe on the road. martha: jamie, we heard from toyota's president in japan, the first that he has spoken publicly, since the recalls started, and what did he say? >> reporter: that is really a good point, martha, because everyone was waiting for such a long time for the president -- president of the company to say something about this. the u.s. officials have, but nothing from the home office. so today the president came out and said that they are putting in place the quality control panel, still not saying the recall on the prius or mentioning that lexus hybrid which uses the same braking system as the prius, is a concern with the luxury car, you can see behind me, here's a
10:10 am
little bit more of what he had to say. >> is good for the company... and we always... customer first is first priority. >> reporter: and that's the very latest from toyota, a meeting is going to happen at 12 noon here with this home office, they will let us know whether or not the recall will happen on the prius and lexus model as well, both hybrids, martha. martha: all right, thank you very much. bill: and we want to know what your viewers think, head to and click on the "you decide" link and we're asking a question about this toyota recall, has it made you reconsider "buy american". martha: i think that is a great idea. bill: and they say business is booming and they take bailout money and their buyers are reacting and you can vote on-line and tell us what you think at
10:11 am
"fox news alert," l.a., local police reports, and also, local television reports, say a car belonging to charlie sheen has been found deep in a ravine in los angeles and according to the officer they got a call 4:00 this morning, 3 hours ago in california, there is the car and a car was down a cliff, off mulholland drive, at the same time he reported that his mercedes suv had been stolen, does that look like a mercedes suv to you? could be. and tv reports show the car upside-down as you can see the videotape in the brush-covered ravine and police say they searched the area on foot and by helicopter, but hatch found anybody around and no evidence that anybody was in the car at the time it went over the edge. how did it get there? also, the case is being treated as a case of automobile theft. don't have to go far to figure that out and we'll see whether or not -- martha: who knows what happened
10:12 am
there. bill: what the truth is and what is going on with the car in the ravine in l.a. martha: and a battle between the president's chief of staff, rahm emanuel and eric holder is surfacing this morning and it is dramatic, what emmanuel said about holder's decision about the 9/11 trials in new york, will interest you, i promise. bill: and caught on tape, this hotel clerk getting the scare of his life, the man who is not supposed to be in his lobby. martha: and we're just two days from this year's super bowl, folks in miami and a pro-life ad featuring quarterback tim tebow is getting almost as much attention as the big game. is it really such a big deal? a fair and balanced debate is coming up. ♪ this one thing i'll eat, any time of day ♪
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bill: this might be the picture of the day, not for the right reasons. it is brazen robbery at a st. louis, police har hoping to help them find be a armed suspect, here, watch closely and in fact you only have -- don't have to, it is obvious, in a moment that man there, walks through this front door of the red roof motel and pulls out this gun and says give me a money, i need more than a room key, man that and clerk goes for the entire cash drawer and gives it over, and can't blame him, i'd do the same and everybody was okay but the robbery on the loose and gunmen -- gunman on the loose and police hope you can solve the crime, red roof in on st. -- st. louis, missouri. >> there are new reports out there of, quote, a lot of drama. over the decision to try the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11 in a new york city courtroom. "the new yorker" magazine claims attorney general eric holder and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel have serious
10:17 am
disagreements, shall we say, over how to handle these terror trials, and according to this story, rahm emanuel was specifically concerned about pacifying republican senator lindsey graham in all of this. and, this is from this article, it says the informed source said, quote, rohm had a good relationship with graham and believed him when he said if you don't prosecute these people in military commissions i won't support the closing of guantanamo bay. he said if we don't have graham we cannot close guantanamo bay. and it's on eric. okay? there's a little inside baseball coming from "the new yorker" magazine in a piece by jane meyer and i'm pleased to be joined by judge michaek chael m, you have been in the attorney general's shoes, of course. and what do you make of this political back and forth, that is reported here. >> i'm not a political person. and my experience in those shoes, was that that decision
10:18 am
gets made by the president. and, gets made on the basis of what is best to protect the united states, not based on narrow political consideration. martha: i mean, it would appear from this story rahm emanuel wanted to make it based on political consideration and it was not made on that, it was made more on what eric holder and perhaps the president both wanted to see carried out and they believe that it was the right thing to do. to bring the civilian trial to new york, right. >> in this case i have to tell you, my vote is with rahm emanuel on principled grounds, not policy. martha: there was a letter and the letter has caused a stir of controversy, in washington, a letter that eric holder wrote to mitch mcconnell, and, in that letter, here's what he said about part of the reasoning that he had as attorney general for why he believed that the trial should happen -- i'm sorry why he believed and talking more about the christmas bomber case, why he believed he should be mirandized, okay? and i want your thoughts on this as well.
10:19 am
eric holder said across many administration, both before and after 9/11 the consistent, well-known lawful and publicly stated policy of the fbi, has been to provide miranda warnings prior to any custodial interrogation conducted in the u.s. is that your read on the law. >> that is not my read on this law. the fbi follows its own protocols, through apprehending criminals but across prior administration and his letter shows out because he has contradictory examples, the practice was to take people like abdul mutallab, who represented a possible intelligence source and interrogate him and he did it with padilla and, that is the justice department did it with padilla and al-marri and that is cited in his letter and his own justice department in a case in new york right now, is taking the position that as to the defendant, ghalani brought over from guantanamo bay to stand trial in the cole bombing, the
10:20 am
fact he was held at guantanamo bay and interrogated was not a violation of his rights and should not be a reason for dismissing the charges. martha: i think when this was announced, these trials would take place in new york people took it as, well, it will happen and an amazing groundswell has happened against this and where do we go from here in terms of future interrogation, will we treat them as terrorists or criminals? >> i think the president has to make the decision, and i think the decision has to be made, that it -- if in fact it is true that he said we're in a war then we treat these people as unlawful enemy combatants and get whatever intelligence we can from them and figure out where it is best to try them. i happen to think it is best to try them in military commissions and regardless of that, the first consideration has to be getting intelligence so we know what these guys will do. martha: judge michael mukasey, it is a pleasure to have you here. >> good to be here. bill: 20 minutes past the hour and there could be big news out of california today, development in the investigation of michael
10:21 am
jackson's death. will jackson's former doctor turn himself in and what does he know? next. eating healthy is important, but only vegetables can give you vegetable nutrition. one of these will get you more than half way to your five daily servings. v8. what's your number?
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>>. bill: the tea party movement is holding its first ever convention this week. and organizers trying to formulate a cohesive national strategy going into this year's midterm elections, and carl cameron is camp out there, good morning, carl, does the strategy of -- >> reporter: good morning, bill. bill: the strategy... is that in the works for months, carl? >> reporter: well, a number of them are organizing operations, sort of to help the tea party movement get started last year, freedom work, the operation run by dick armey, all have offered up various ideas and today at the first annual attempt at a national convention, the
10:25 am
organizers will lay out what they think it should be and will be a lot of the same principles e the tea party mutuovement stad with, almost a year ago, and it was formed as president obama was inaugurated and emerged on the campaign trail and last fall during the town hall meetings and today bill talk about adhering to the constitution, fiscal discipline and the national debt an deficit an stopping the deficit spending. a host of other issues, relative to just sort of common-sense conservatism and, a series of political proposals, that these folks are just making to other tea partiers around the country, that could potentially be adopted nationally, like, the establishment of political action committees, that could raise money for candidates, and criteria for who would qualify for those donations, from tea party money, and, a way to hold them accountable which would include the creation of a tie party caucus in congress, by those who share their views and receive their donation, bill? bill: carl, thanks for that,
10:26 am
carl cameron is watching everything that moves there in nashville, tennessee, thank you, carl. martha, what is coming up. martha: have you heard of this, a massive winter storm is bearing down and may alter folks' plans and maybe those who are going to the super bowl. bill: oh, you have sufficiently scared me. martha: those dark blue areas -- >> thank you! and the white house and the media, this administration is taking a different approach, managing the message with major garrett. grasse, france is known for making perfume. but food executives come here for something else, to work in cargill's flavor facility to create better tasting foods. this is how cargill works with customers
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bill: part of the country hunkering down getting rad for the severe winter storm, will be severe in some areas, too, expecting two feet of snow,
10:30 am
around washington, d.c. and the virginia governor, bob mcdob preemptively calling a state 0 emergency, snow, sleet, freezing rain in the forecast starting this afternoon, heading off late on saturday night in fact and will be heaviest in the mid-atlantic states before pushing into the northeast and you have been warned, stock up if you need it or if you don't, well, you know, if you are already prepared... well, you have done your duty! so, have we! martha: make sure you have your nachos, right? almost every president has had a love-hate relationship with the press at times and president obama of course is no different. but is he handling the press corps a little bit differently? our greenroom dug into that around they found he has done 158 interviews, with television, radio and print journalists, a stunning number, compared to his predecessors. but he has not been answering a lot of question lately from the press at daily events and held 42 of those in his first year, twice as many as president george w. bush, but his last
10:31 am
news conference was july 22nd. and some say it may be part of a white house strategy to better control the president's message. who better to ask than major garrett, who is live at the white house. with this story, hi, marriage. >> reporter: there are three ways the president communicates with the public, state of the union and press conferences and press conferences and the public may not appreciate as much, for example as i do. which are these prebrief encore with the president at the white house on the road with a foreign dignitary or somebody and will take one or two, maybe three or four questions on a spontaneous base here at the white house, now, the president as you indicated in the lead-in, loves to have a formal sit-down interview and does not particular like these brief, short question and answer sessions. here at the white house or traveling overseas or around the country and joan kumar a political scientist at presidential scholar keeps en creditably fine-grained statistics on this and she said,
10:32 am
of these short question answer answer questions, president obama has had only 46 in his first year, and they've really tapered off since last summer and let's take a quick listen: >> we have had 46 since in the first year of his presidency, 2/3 of those were held prior to that last press conference. so, what that means is that he is taking few questions, from individual reporters, in a setting where he has to respond to the issues that reporters want to talk about. >> reporter: now, is it a great national crisis, no, but indicates a way he likes to manage his message and what he gains an achieves by not having these encounters with beat reporters at the white house is we cannot drive him off message, nearly as successfully as we'd like him to, and there are times, during the day we want to bring pressing issues to the president, and he would prefer to sit with whatever his message or team's message is for that day, and at least in his first year in office one of the ways
10:33 am
he's able to achieve that is by having fewer encounters with the beat reporters who cover him in the building every day. megyn: -- martha: interesting, interesting, the last one is july and you don't get a lot of notice, when one of these are coming done the line. >> reporter: we're always ready. bill: the game is coming up and tim tebow and his mother, pam talking about a troubled pregnancy from 20 years ago and pro-life groups hailed it as a major break through and women's groups say there is no place for it on national tv, fair and balanced debate, the president of women's media center, good morning to you and and the former dallas cowboy and the author of the book, "rules of engagement, chad, good morning to you -- there he is, bingo! >> good morning. bill: has anyone seen the ad, have you seen it, chad have you seen it. >> no. we have not been allowed to see
10:34 am
this ad. and i think the most important issue we are looking at, at the women's media center and all of our partners who have been engaged in this campaign, to really talk to cbs and the nfl and the super bowl advertisers about this ad, is the agenda of the organization behind the ad. bill: are we crying wolf before we see it, though, chad? i haven't seen it, and it is great publicity, by the way for the game on sunday night. i mean, should we be offended? >> i don't see how we can be feigned offended and it may be a pro family message and we are celebrating the life of tim tebow and from a faith based perspective on how he has impacted his community and i think it something we should embrace and encourage our young people to engage and utilize their platform, than for other things, other than a paycheck. bill: and there is no place, she
10:35 am
says, on national tv and you have a different view and why do you think that way. >> i see this, again -- no one has seen the ad, for all we know, began it may be that pro family message. >> chad, here's the reality. that we don't have to see the ads to know the agenda of focus on the family. pam tebow's choice she made in the philippines, can you imagine if the philippine government stepped in and told her what she was going to have to do with that pregnancy, can you imagine if her doctor told her what she had to do -- >> it is her decision -- >> that is the agenda of focus on the family. they have a very aggressive agenda, to take away a woman's right to choose. we respect pam tebow's choice and want women in this country to have that choice -- >> wait a minute. one second. chad, would you be offended on monday morning, or is this all to do about not a whole lot. >> i think the super bowl has always been a show case of overt
10:36 am
sexism and we will continue aggressively whether the super bowl or any network that shows sexism and bias towards women in this way and we have to keep in mind 40% of super bowl viewers are women, and majority of americans in this country -- >> i've got you -- >> for the government not to intrude in or medical choices, focus on the family does not want that. bill: i've got you, with respect to time i need to squeeze in chad quickly. is it so subtle it will not be a big deal? what is your best guess on that? >> well, again we don't know what the ad is and there is a preemptive political strike on the pro-abortion side to downplay this, but, again, if you truly celebrate pro-choice, pam tebow's made a choice and we should celebrate that and the american people are not stupid and if you put out the information, out there, and you do it in a transparent and
10:37 am
authentic format the american public will be able to make their own decisions. bill: we'll find out together on sunday night, wont 't we and wel be back on monday to talk about it and react then, thanks for your time in new york and chad, thanks to you in the state of texas. martha: interesting to see what it really looks like when we see it on sunday and here's this: it is perhaps the tastiest discovery ever made in antarctica. what explorers have found there, trapped in the ice. and new details about the rare and deadly shark attack off the florida coast. from lifeguard who witnessed the scene. >> i see all these surfers and i see the guys, too but i would be a little nervous about them. sto really save you
10:38 am
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10:41 am
with a political expert who sees big shifts coming in the senate and governor's races around the country. >> and we're getting new information on the shark attack off the coast of florida, where a kiteboarder was killed, we'll talk with a shark expert, who has just examined the wounds on the kiteboarder's body, was it a great white, were there more than one involved, we'll talk to him, coming up. martha: back here on "america's newsroom," new developments in the investigation of dr. conrad murray. he's the physician who admits to giving michael jackson a powerful anesthetic before the pop star's death and today his lawyers say he is ready to surrendered himself to authorities. but police are not formally pressing charges against him, adam housely is live in los angeles, what is the latest on this? >> reporter: martha, the case will be anything but normal -- has been anything but normal since the outset and the doctor offered to turn himself in five times since last summer and they
10:42 am
came out here early this week with the idea that he'd turn himself in and charges would be filed. and they made a deal with an assistant d.a. in l.a. to walk in at some point and be taken into custody and there would be an arraignment later in the day and that was supposed to go down today and all thought it would happen and late last night and i talked with the defense team around 9:30 and told them that the latest reports were they cancelled the arraignment, news to them. and they say no matter what happens today, whether the d.a. says, come bring him in or not they'll walk their client in here in l.a. with the intention of turning himself in. martha: what are the anticipated charges? what will they charge the doctor with, do you think. >> now, they say involuntary manslaughter and everybody is talking about that for months and is a difficult case to prosecute and the prosecutors involved in this case, the federal prosecutors on the outside, fringeses of the case, they say it is a difficult case to prosecute, and -- involuntary manslaughter is the best they can do.
10:43 am
martha: we'll be watching along with your help, thank you very much, adam housely in l.a. and for up to the minute details on the developing story go to and click on the live shots tab, our correspondent adam housely is posting exclusive stories there as the situation and this news story develops today, and click on the link for all of the latest. bill: we're getting word of a new autopsy report showing a 38-year-old kite surfer died trying to fend off a shark attack and swarms the predators, spotted off the coach of a southern florida beach, possibly great white sharks like those seen here and the lace guard on scene says the victim called out to him. from about a quarter mile off the shore. listen here: >> i got the rescue board an paddled out and it was the seas were pretty rough that day and when i was within maybe 15 yards, 20 yards of him, he was telling me he had been bitten by a shark and there was a lot of blood in the water.
10:44 am
bill: he was taken to a hospital and died at the age of 38 and the shark advisor for the discovery channel and a director of biological programs, for the national aquarium in our capital, good morning to you, and thanks for coming in today. what is your best guess as to how it went -- it went this way. >> unfortunately, this is a very sad circumstance, very unusual. most likely, turbulent water and it was windy and he was out kiteboarding and oftentimes the murky, windy environment where the sharks confuse what their prey is and the most recent information i have is it was probably an 8 to 9 foot bull shark or tiger shark and initial reports were maybe a great white. bill: they talked about baby great whites and we heard that yesterday and i thought off the coast of florida? do baby great whites go down there. >> it is extremely rare but great white sharks pat through florida from time-to-time and their numbers are not very large a
10:45 am
and typically are the smaller guys and we believe it is a bull or tiger shark attack and it can be common in that area and initially we might have thought it was a spinner shark or black-tipped sharks. bill: why does it matter, the species? the type of shark? >> it really doesn't. the reality is, that shark attack risk is extremely rare. unfortunately, statistics don't matter in this case. it was a sad story. but, the risk of shark attack is very little, less than 100 attacks worldwide per year and of those, maybe 4-5 are fatal every year. there were only 137 fatal unprovoked shark attacks since we start recording the numbers. bill: you said something in your first answer i want to go back to her. >> sure. bill: what was the confusion? was that the word you used? as to why sharks go after humans in is it the scent? hunger? something that triggers in their brains? they think it is something it turns out to be a human being? >> sharks are not out there hunting the oceans for human prey. there is not a single shark species that regularly eats
10:46 am
humanitarian humans. in these murky waters where waves are breaking you take the visual aspect away from their hunting ability and they rely on sound and vibration which would happen if the gentleman was splashing around in the water after fall off of the kite board. and most likely the higher number of sharks in the area, as soon as the initial attack was made we know there is a lot of blood in the water and it rapidly attract to the sharks and they are very keyed into the sense of smell and that blood will bring in other sharks in the area. bill: i think that was one of the stunning things about the story, when you hear about a shark attack you think about just one shark. but, this young man, it was a swarm of them, our best to his family, getting over this and dealing with it now. andy, thank you for your expertise, out of washington today. thank you. >> thank you. martha: to washington and president obama's calling on congress, still, to get health care done. the white house saying democrats and republicans need to get a
10:47 am
bill on his desk, representatives from both sides join us, to talk about the fact that health care is not dead, folks. we'll go live, a look at the nation's capitol as we send you to the break. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] pure cane sugar and the stevia plant. two of nature's sweetest wonders growing together under the same sun. and now for the first time in new sun crystals, the only 100% natural sweetener made with pure ce sugar and stevia. ♪ finally, all the sweetness of nature
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martha: president obama wants to revive the debate over health care reform. after a year of the white house prodding congress and still no bill for the president to sign, the president yesterday called for new ideas from both republicans and democrats. and saying, quote we should take our time and get into a final bill, a different tune than we heard on this throughout the first year of the process. and let's see where it will take us and our health care in the country, here now with a fair and balanced debate on where it
10:51 am
stands, eliott angle of new york and republican congressman john shak shaddag, and representative, if i start with you, is your heart still in passing health care reform, and in what the timeframe? -- what timeframe. >> definitely i'm for health care reveal aform and believe w to have health care reform and the current system is not sustainable financially and people have seen their premiums double and triple and that will continue. martha: the public response to the bill, the public doesn't like the bill and what will you offer them they might like? >> i think there are certain things everybody likes and if people lose their jobs or change their jobs, they should be able to keep their insurance. i think people don't want to be denied coverage for so-called preexisting conditions and people don't want annual caps or lifetime caps, where the insurance companies say, sorry, we paid you what we're going to pay and there is no reason why there should be, these insurance companies should be exempt from
10:52 am
anti-trust laws, and i think there are certain things that we can pick out of the bill, and maybe 2000 page bill was too much for people to digest. martha: maybe it was. >> in one fell swoop and i hope we can do them in a bipartisan fashion and i think america needs health care reform. martha: you are talking about people being exempt from things and congressman, one thing people were not happy about at all, a lot of people, and we saw it in the polls they were not happy about the sweetheart deals a couple of states got, nebraska, louisiana, for instance, and also weren't happy that union heads were able to walk into the white house and get a pretty good deal for themselves, too, that made them exempt, from the caddy tax, and will we see the deals disappear if we get a compromise on health care. >> i certainly hope so and the american people do not want this bill, you are absolutely right and saw the sweetheart deals cut for nebraska, or louisiana, or for that matter the northeast, and they oppose that kind of insider self-dealing by members
10:53 am
of congress, powerful members of congress and now, toward the end, there was a discussion of giving the unions a kind of a union carve out and they tax all the high-dollar, gold plated plans for everyoaefreveryone in except for union members and they oppose it and i agree with eliott, we can take the bill apart and too small pieces in ways the american people can understand and we can do that in a bipartisan fashion, if the democrats will agree. preexisting conditions for example is an issue on which we can come to an agreement but not as they are currently threatening they try and push it through, through reconciliation. martha: representative, is there anybody who is saying lets throw the entire bill out. let's start from scratch. because i think there is some momentum behind that idea. because when you -- if you throw it out and start from scratch, maybe you could talk about things like individuals having their own policy, and they take the policy from one place to another, or you can talk about real true cross-border
10:54 am
purchasing of health care. you can talk about for the reform and is that a better way to go, to say, start from square one and the president says we have plenty of time? >> well, unfortunately, john knows things take a long, long time in washington to get done, unfortunately and i don't think we have to throw the baby out with the bath water and there are things in this bill that are good. martha: but there is also so much stuff in that bill that is really annoying people. don't you think it might be a good, strong thing to say to stand up to the congressman and say out with the -- congressmen and say out with the bill, let's start over. >> we know what needs to be reached and it is not only health career we need to tackle the economy and do jobs, unemployment and education, and -- martha: for sure. >> lots of things we need to do and i think the problem was, congress seemed like it was so fixated on health care that we didn't seem as if we were doing anything else and that was a mistake and we learned from the mistake and again i hope in a bipartisan fashion, we can reach out and we can get it done and
10:55 am
the republicans have been saying no to everything, and that has to change and so, maybe if we meet in the middle we can say yes. martha: is that true, you have not reached out or not been responsive. >> no one reached out to us, no doubt about it and there was no attempt to make it a bipartisan bill and the president talked about reaching out and left the job of writing the bill to the congressional democrats and they never let any republicans in the room and i think we can fix this problems in health care and take them apart and do them one at a time and start paying attention, i'm glad eliott acknowledged this, to issues that are more important to the american people and the economy has to be number one and jobs have to be number one and there was in fact a complete consumption of the entire energy in the congress just on health care and that is on a ideological bill that i don't think solves individual problems in the health care arena. martha: and maybe congress should take the weekend and think about the deficit and numbers we had come out and wonder whether or not we have any money to pay for any of this, and maybe we need to start with the -- across the board
10:56 am
spending cuts. >> let's remember when clinton left office we had the largest surpluses in american history. martha: that is past history and we have to fix what we have to fix today. >> we learn the future by not -- >> mistakes will not get you reelected. do the job you are elected to do. >> i do, john, believe me. martha: representatives, good to have you here, have a great weekend, enjoy the super bowl. bill: we started our broadcast looking for good news, didn't we. martha: we're still looking. bill: the dow jones was up one point earlier, short lived and back to the biggest story of the day, number of americans out of work, staggering figures reflect a country that is hurting and... check is out, changing colors in space. and why that is important, on a planet. far, far way! martha: i like that. lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. scount! are you going to buy online?
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martha: images for the planet pluto, yes, i call it a planet, though you aren't supposed to, taken from the hubble space telescope and surprised astronomers, and they say pluto got more red than it used to be. looks yellow and green, doesn't it? and about 20% redder though it looks yellow and orange and gray and ice sheets are shifting significantly on pluto, which is also surprising because the season on pluto can last up to 120 years, a long winter, right? bill: yeah it is. martha: super bowl, what do you think? who will win. bill: i think it is t


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